About Circularety

Instigating change for good in the PRN process

Circularety introduces a completely new and transparent way to buy and sell PRNs, enabling producers and reprocessors to work together for the benefit of recycling.

Now obligated producers can choose exactly where their PRN obligation money goes, whilst reprocessors are able to better plan and fund tangible outcomes from PRN investments. 

How does it work?

Reprocessors post projects that require funding - for example new recycling equipment, infrastructure development or public awareness campaigns - and producers then choose the projects they would like to invest their PRN obligation in. Sounds simple? It is!

No longer will packaging compliance be seen as 'just a tax' by producers, now they can actively invest in the recycling industry and communicate about the outcomes to their stakeholders. Reprocessors on the other hand can better plan investment and development by attracting investment from producers who share similar values.

If you are an obligated packaging producer or a reprocessor issuing PRNs or PeRNs, simply register using the link at the top of the website to get involved.

Introduction to Circularety video


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Our story

Circularety has been created by Ecosurety, one of the fastest growing producer compliance schemes in the UK.

With over 1,000 members including Innocent, Co-op and MARS, Circularety is a response to the growing dissatisfaction with the existing PRN system from producers and reprocessors.

“The PRN system has had a significant impact on recycling rates in the UK, but for some time it’s been widely acknowledged that it is imperfect. Now Ecosurety has decided to take decisive action to improve the PRN system for all.

We ask producers and reprocessors to join us to help create a giant step towards a circular waste economy.”

James Piper, managing director, Ecosurety

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